Who we are and what we do

We are a small brand with simple origins that aim to find quality products at reasonable prices; from local manufacturers who respect our client’s values too. We are passionate about improving the production of those who use our products and look forward to rewarding many more years of continued success.

Field Sprayers

3 or 4 membrane pump sareused in our sprayings. Our pumps have a longer life with the By-Pass system.
Tanks are made of reinforced polyester or polyethylene and are resistant to external effects and corrosion
Arm length swhich are proportional to the tank capacity can be manufactured as 8 -18 meters on request.
All types of agricultural sprayers are avalible, for more info, please contact us

Multi Purpose Tresher

by changing a few pulleys, band and sifter you can harvest the wheat, rye,gruel and barley and also pea, sorghum, lentil, fig, bean and cummin agriculture products and so forth. The required move transmisiion for these processess is provided by the shaft from the rear metal bar. Another advantange for our machinery is to be able to load the cereal or pulse harvested into bag or trailer through combined making bag system. Simple adjustment and usage Durable Steel Body against foreign materials Excellent efficency Excellent operation with every brand tractor Unlimited service and replacement parts Saving time and energy
All types of Treshers are avalible, for more info, please contact us

Spare Parts

Wide range and high quality spare parts from Turkey, for all kind of manufacturers.
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